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Scar/Stretchmark Brazillian Camouflage Tattoo

Stretch Mark & Scar Brazillian Camouflage is a treatment that uses ink to match your skin tone to conceal scars and stretchmarks making them less visible. 

Although most stretch marks can be treated with the Inkless method to shrink and smooth out the texture, the color of the stretch marks might still have contrast therefore we will opt for this treatment to use skin color ink tattooing to meet your desired results.   

Most clients may see a great result after the first session however two sessions minimum are needed with more sessions to follow if necessary.  


Please note: Consultations are required for all clients to discuss plan of treatment and best technique to give you the results you desire. Pricing will also be discussed and given at your consultation.


What is Scar and Stretch Mark Camouflage tattooing?

Camouflage tattooing is a semi-permanent paramedical tattooing technique to disguise many and varying types of scarring. It is used on Stretch marks, burns, scars caused by injury, self-harm or surgeries, even acne scarring and some pigmentation disorders can benefit from this technique. This technique also has the benefit of needling the scarred areas which helps to break down scar tissue and build new collagen in the treated area.
It is a specialized area of tattooing that requires specific training and expertise and is only conducted by very experienced technicians.
This is fast becoming our favorite treatment at BITV as it is not only completely satisfying to see the amazing results, but in many cases is life changing for the client.
How long does Camouflage tattooing last?

This depends on the persons skin, the type of scarring or disorder we are dealing with and a few other factors such as sun exposure, skin care, etc. Most people will need to have maintenance visits anywhere from 12 months to 2 years after the initial treatment is completed.
How many treatments does it take?

The number of treatments vary from person to person. Most people need at least two Camouflage tattooing sessions before we can assess the retention rate of the pigment in the skin. Different scarring will accept the pigment at different rates. For example, if the scarring is quite thickened, it may take a little longer to retain in the skin.
How much does it cost?

You will find prices vary depending on the size and time required for the treatment. Prices start from $200 per session and we can cover quite an extensive area in one session, especially when treating stretch marks.
Does it hurt?

This treatment is very comfortable. Most people will barely feel it as most scarring tends to include a loss of feeling. We can also use a topical numbing gel that is ordered through a reputable compounding pharmacy in the client’s name. .
How long does it take to heal?

There is no down time with this treatment and all you need to use afterwards is an occlusive dressing to protect the treated area from germs and bacteria. Healing times vary from person to person however generally the initial healing takes one to two weeks. We then allow up to six weeks between treatments to ensure complete healing occurs. This also allows us to assess retention of color, etc.
What do you have to do prior to the treatment?

We ask that you avoid caffeine on the day of your procedure. If you take natural blood thinners such as fish oil (not under medical advice), we ask that you discontinue these prior to the treatments.
Who should avoid this treatment?

If you have any serious concerns that may affect your immunity or healing ability, it is advised to check with your doctor prior to receiving this treatment. We also don’t perform any tattooing procedures on pregnant women as a general protocol.
What are the risks involved?

As with any procedure that involves skin penetration, the biggest concern is infection control.
We follow strict protocols within our treatment rooms and insist that our clients follow the aftercare provided to ensure the risk of infection is minimized. This will mean not touching the treated area at all with fingers and adhering to advice provided by your technician.
How do I find out more?

BITV offers obligation free Camouflage tattooing consultations to allow you to ask any questions, be assessed as a suitable candidate and meet your technician. You may book online or new collagen and elastin which improves cellular turnover and rejuvenation of Fibroblast cells. 





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